Who Am I?

Hey, Lutfi Dwica is here, a 24-year-old man who lives in Indonesia.

Has worked for 3 years as ReactJS and React Native developer in one of the largest e-commerce fashion startups in Indonesia, namely Sorabel (formerly called SaleStock).

Working there is fun because it can be done full time remotely.

Every day I crafting features for the Web, Android, and iOS.

And it all only uses one code base (seriously, maybe I'll tell you later on this blog).

After some reading on IndieHackers (a community for people who are building profitable online businesses), I became interested in becoming a part of them, because I can do the things I love (making applications) and can generate profits for paying bills too 🙂

The reason I create this blog is to tell you about my journey and experience as an indie maker/indie developer/solo founder in a developing country like Indonesia, in making digital products that can be profitable.

You can contact me if necessary, on the platforms below:

  • Github -> Contains open-source code that I do in my spare time

  • Twitter -> A place to share interesting things out there

  • Facebook -> To pour the contents of my mind

  • Telegram -> Chat here if there is a business need

  • Email (dwicao.com@gmail.com) -> If you want to hire me

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